Music: Brian Eno interview

ENGLAND: London: INT Light boxes on display at Brian Eno art exhibition with music from Eno's latest album 'Atmosphere's of Late Autumn' and Brian Eno interview overlaid SOT - I studied art, I didn't study music, when I started making music I didn't stop doing the other thing, I carried on doing it/ I started working with light when I was 17/ noticed that what I was doing with light and with music were converging - I was trying to make paintings that moved and music that stood still / these are pictures that change very very slowly Brian Eno (Artist and musician) looking into camera Brian Eno interview SOT - on people whose work he likes - James Blake, William Doyle, Jo Jo Mayer the Swiss drummer / more interesting music around now than anytime in my life - have no idea what is going on in the world of 20 year old music but I keep hearing things and thinking that is so fresh and original, old bottleneck of record company A&R department has disappeared and secondly the means of production has become completely democratized - if you own a laptop you can make a record - ideas don't really die, genes have gone but the memes are still there - huge admirer (Prince) / he was so provocatic and original and had such energy - on unreleased Prince work - little compared to my 4125 pieces of music but he was younger than me / I've got an archive with tonnes of unreleased music, I dread to think what the poor world will have to listen to when I die, its mostly unreleased because its crap - I think it should be destroyed when I die - (on David Bowie) we didn't see each other that often, we corresponded by email, always sent jokes to each other/ when we were making records we just laughed all the time, we were always in character, he was Pete and I was Dud (Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore) - sometimes irritated - love making things and yet spend quite a lot of my time not making things / get energy from working and being thrilled by things - so will I die disapp...


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